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The Slim Shot Diet is a popular and well respected diet product from the UK and it is now available in America!

"I’ve been taking Slim Shot for over six months now, and I love it.  I keep my morning container in the kitchen and I have it with a glass of water before work.  I like the energy I get from the morning dose – it is subtle and does not feel like I had too much coffee or too many Red Bulls.  In the afternoon, I drop a tablet in a bottle of water that I drink throughout the day.  It has a nice citrus flavor that I prefer over plain water any day.  I used to be too tired to motivate to get into the gym after work, but now I make it in there every day.  At night, I drop a dose into the water on my nightstand, and drink it all night.  I am proud to say that I don’t need to lose any more weight, but I keep taking Slim shot because it just makes me feel better and I like the way it tastes.  Thank you for an awesome product." -Becky 

Slim Shot Diet™ is simple to carry with you throughout the day.  The small containers make it easy to adapt to your schedule.  You can also travel with them and never need to worry about ‘air line liquid’ regulations.  This is truly an easy and fun product to incorporate into your life.

Everyone needs to drink water and the more you drink the more weight you lose, but most people don’t feel like drinking water all day long.  However, since Slim Shot tastes nice and the bubbles make it feel comfortable going down, it is a perfect way to replace sodas and other carbonated drinks that serve no nutritional value and are filled with harsh chemicals.

What Is Slim Shot Diet™?

Slim Shot Diet™ uses the power of effervescent fast-acting tablets to boost your weight loss, while providing a safe and tasty way to make your water work more effectively for your overall health.  Of course anyone looking to lose weight needs to incorporate a healthy diet and some regular exercise.Others uses turmeric as a way to maintain a healthy diet. See this  best price turmeric.

Slim Shot Diet™ comes with three different compact canisters with a different formula in each.  These are Morning, Noon and Night formulas so that you get the different and most appropriate weight loss ingredients for the different times of the day to ensure the best possible results.  Each of the three formulas were developed to help your body function more optimally all day long by getting the most out of your metabolism rather than over-stimulating it all day.

The simple SIim Shot Diet™ system requires nothing more than a glass or bottle of water three times a day.  Simply drop one tablet in your water and enjoy the bubbly fruit-flavored effervescent taste of the three different specially formulated quick-dissolve tablets.   

Slim Shot Diet™ is a simple and fun way to help jump-start your weight loss, and because it contains no harsh stimulants, it is safe to take in conjunction with other diet programs, pills and/or supplements.  This means that anyone can enjoy this product regardless of where they are in their weight loss process because the Slim Shot Diet™ formulas are designed to function synergistically with your body’s metabolism throughout the day.

Slim Shot Diet™ is not a meal plan or a diet pill... it is an enhanced way of life because it truly helps your system all day long.  If you are dieting or simply want to feel healthier, quicker, and lighter all day….you should try The Slim Shot Diet™.

Each Formula Was Perfectly Designed for its Recommended Time of give your body the effective ingredients it it needs them.

The Morning formula is a proprietary combination of Green Coffee, Olive Wood, Ash Wood Cola, Mate, Cynorhodon, Wild Pansy, Cherry Stalk, Meadow-Sweet and Green Tea…all designed to jump start your metabolism, provide a clean energy and boost the immune system.  

The fast-acting morning dose should kick in quickly very much like a cup of coffee.  The perfect combination of the natural and gentle stimulants provided in the Green Coffee, Green Tea and Mate provide a pleasant energy that most people need in the morning to finally feel awake.  The Morning dose also contains a full supply of B Vitamins (including B1 through B6, B8, B9, B12) to boost the immune system.  Slim Shot Diet™ Morning can last well into the afternoon without a come down or crash.  This is a perfect morning formula.

The Noon formula works to restrict fat absorption through a combination of Apple and Citrus Pectins, Guar Gum and Cider Vinegar.  Apple Pectin and Citrus Pectin help suppress the appetite by sweetening and flavoring your water to instigate your metabolism in a different way than the morning formula. It also promotes healthy digestion, an important part of any diet.  Guar Gum is known for providing dietary fiber, helping to fill you up faster with fewer calories.  Cider Vinegar has long been known for its fat burning capabilities from its natural acids.

Finally, the Night formula was designed to keep the weight loss process ticking without any stimulants so you can sleep soundly.  It contains Pineapple, Cacao, Orange Skin, Papaya and Grape Marc Extracts, and Chromium to aid in digestion and provide fat burning effects.  Papaya and Pineapple Extracts are knows as some of the best digestive aids available. The combination of Cacao and Orange Peel stimulates thermogenesis, resulting in quicker fat loss. Grape Marc Extract is an excellent source of polyphenols, which are extremely powerful antioxidants, helping rid the body of dangerous free radicals.  It also contains Chromium for its ability to help the body digest sugars for faster metabolizing.

As you can see – each of these three formulas were perfectly developed to give your body the effective ingredients it needs…as it needs them.  Although Slim Shot Diet™ is not a form of calories, you can see why it is called a diet – because it truly enhances your system’s ability to lose weight all day & night long.   Please remember that no matter what type of product you are taking, you need to incorporate a healthy diet and some regular exercise. 

Slim Shot Diet™ is perfect for anyone that wants to lose weight or simply wants their body to function optimally so they can feel healthier, quicker, and lighter all day.
Slim Shot Diet™ is safe to take in conjunction with other diet products and it can enhance any program by making the water you consume a more effective tool. 

Order Slim Shot Diet™ Today – If you are not 100% satisfied, we ask you to please take advantage of our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.  We want you to have nothing to lose by trying this awesome 3-step system. Any order can be returned for a 100% refund within 60 days from the date you place your order. No questions asked.

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